1. 1.STRiFE Press Release 01.11.16 

STRiFE are trying to arrange a meeting with Julian Daly (Leader of SADC) and Robert Gordon (Leader of HCC) to discuss the present situation with regards to the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett Aerodrome site.  We also want to discuss the possible residential developments that have been proposed for the site, and the implications that they may pose for the local community.

The decision to grant an outline planning consent for the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett Aerodrome site was made by the Secretary of State on 14 July 2014.  A subsequent appeal by SADC against this decision was unfortunately unsuccessful so this outline planning consent stands.

The developers have now submitted “reserved matters” applications in connection with various elements of the original outline consent.  These subsequent applications contain the detail of the construction work proposed by the developers and the notices that many people have received from SADC are simply informing them that these applications have been submitted.

Sadly, this does not give people the chance to object again against the granting of the actual outline planning permission, unless some material change in the proposals can be identified.

If there is some point of detail in the current applications which seems unreasonable, then that can be objected to, but it will not affect the overall outline planning consent already granted.  If any such point is identified and SADC think it reasonable, it will be up to them to negotiate the point, hopefully successfully. So, if you think that you have a good point about the detail of the design, do please bring it to the attention of SADC.

Any grounds of objection which have been covered before in the previous Inquiries and/or decision will not be entertained at all so there is no point going over any old ground.  STRiFE are going through the plans at the moment, but so far do not see anything that is “materially” different that we can validly object against.  Realistically, any objections against these reserved matters applications can only be done by persons with expert knowledge as the devil really is in the detail now.

STRiFE is therefore focussing on continuing to put pressure on Hertfordshire County Council to refuse to sell the land to the developers.  As yet, we understand that no offer for the land has been forthcoming from Helioslough.

  1. 2.28 Aug 2015

In view of the recent High Court decision, the general level of publicity and indeed the level of correspondence we are now receiving about the Railfreight application, we feel it is an appropriate time to set out STRiFE’s current position.

Many supporters are commenting on topics such as rail viability, rail congestion, road congestion, noise and air pollution, long-term sustainability and asking how these can be marshalled in opposition to the scheme.

Together with St Albans District Council and other opponents of the scheme, STRiFE argued these issues at the public inquiries held in 2007 and 2009. Whereas we will never change in our belief that the Planning Inspectors’ judgment was seriously flawed in these matters, we have to acknowledge that their findings were accepted by the Secretary of State meaning there is now no mechanism, legal or otherwise, that will allow them to be re-opened.

Consequently, we believe we should concentrate our efforts in lobbying the landowners, Hertfordshire County Council, with the message they are not obliged or indeed compelled to sell or lease the Green Belt land that is so critical in Helioslough’s  proposed monstrous development to proceed.

In pursuing this approach it may be appropriate to set out some background information:-

1Following the closure of Handley Page, the airfield site was purchased by Redland Aggregates who were later granted rights to undertake mineral extraction. It was agreed that on completion of this work the land would be restored and ownership transferred to HCC. Redland were later taken over by LaFarge and it was they who finally undertook the restoration before selling the land to HCC for a nominal sum in 2006(?)

2There is a covenant on the land preventing HCC from selling or developing the land without LaFarge’s agreement. The covenant has no relevance in planning law and is included for commercial reasons to afford LaFarge ‘benefit’ from any future change of use. The covenant lasts until 2021.

3.Public authorities such as HCC have what is known as a 'fiduciary duty' to taxpayers in that they must consider offers for any of their assets and also demonstrate sound reasoning when deciding whether they sell or not.

4.There is general agreement that in this particular case, the land cannot be acquired by/for Helioslough by means of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) 

The only real option now available to us now is to convince HCC they are not obliged or indeed compelled to sell or lease this piece of Green Belt land and this can pursued by writing to the Leader of HCC, Cllr Robert Gordon.

Suggestions of what to include/develop when writing to to Cllr Gordon:

  1. Strong Public opinion against development – 2013 petition with over 10,000 signatures

  2. New petition now underway

  3. Unanimous cross-party political opposition to the scheme at Local, County and National levels

  4. Sale or lease of the land would provide no lasting form of mitigation or benefit such as schools, roads or community facilities for residents and taxpayers.

  5. Instead, those same taxpayers and residents will have to endure and suffer the impact of a development that will be detrimental to their quality and way of life for the forseeable future.

  6. ‘Fiduciary duty’ would be best served by waiting until the covenant expires in 2021 after which time HCC would then receive all the benefits arising from any change of use of the land – that in itself is good reason to reject any approach from Helioslough at this time

  7. Selling the family silver – you can only do it once

  8. Once sold, the Green Belt cannot be restored – keep selling piecemeal and there will be none left – a line has to be drawn and now is the time.

  9. St Albans is under threat from development proposals across the whole city, we are not prepared to sit back and watch it be destroyed or irrevocably changed forever – we are looking at HCC for help

  10. By Helioslough’s own admission in their ‘Regeneris’ report of 2013, the terminal has a life span of just 30 years – what happens then? The land will have no protection afforded to it – it will be ‘brownfield’ - what can we expect next?

  11. We are aware that HCC have received a legal opinion that a decision not to sell could be open to legal challenge but, importantly, STRiFE have legal opinion to the contrary.

  12. Being compelled to sell would be no different to a Compulsory Purchase Order, a statutory instrument that has no place or relevance in this particular case.

  13. HCC cannot be compelled to sell therefore any legal threats towards that end should be re-buffed by showing the same determination and resolve demonstrated by St Albans District Council in facing up to Helioslough – you will be applauded for it.   

  1. 3.June 2015

The application by St Albans District Council to seek the permission of the Court of Appeal to challenge the planning consent for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett Aerodrome site near Park Street, was unsuccessful.  Basically, they have come to the end of the road, and exhausted all realistic legal possibilities.

STRiFE would like to take this opportunity to commend SADC for their loyalty to the residents of the District, and the cause and belief in the Green Belt argument on the former Radlett aerodrome site.  It is refreshing to thank a local Authority for doing their absolute best, and STRiFE really do believe that SADC have, as we have worked hard to support them, every step through the legal challenges that were open to them.

So, the pressure really is now on Herts County Council as the land owner!  STRiFE would like to strongly encourage Herts County Council that, whilst they have a fiduciary duty to the County of Hertfordshire, they also do have a basic responsibility to preserve the Green Belt and all that, that stands for in Hertfordshire.  Green Belt is under a massive strain throughout this whole area, and realistically this piece of land in question, is the last “large” piece of Green Belt land between London and St Albans.  Once Green Belt is gone, it is gone forever!

Please show your support to this cause, and email Cllr Robert Gordon and your local County Councillors accordingly, urging Herts County Council NOT to sell the land to HelioSlough for a SRFI.

Please also sign the petition:


This piece of land needs to stay as Green Belt land For us, For our future generations, For always!

  1. 4.02 April 2015.  Further to the High Court proceedings in February brought by St Albans District Council against the Secretary of State’ s “minded to”, decision to grant permission for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett aerodrome, unfortunately, Mr Judge Holgate has now dismissed this and reconfirmed the Secretary of State’s original decision.

St Albans District Council is still deciding whether to go to the Court of                         Appeal and have until 13 April 2015 to make this decision.  And so the legal process is still pending. 

If SADC decide to take the matter to the Court of Appeal, this may take until the Autumn before the further Appeal is heard.  However, if SADC decide not to take this route, this puts the pressure back onto Hertfordshire County Council and their decision whether or not, to sell their land holding to Helioslough.  Hertfordshire County Council have consistently stated that they will defer this decision until the pending legal process with SADC is final.

Meantime, STRiFE and our legal team are exploring the legal issues regarding whether Hertfordshire County Council can be compelled to sell the land to Helioslough. Clearly, this all takes time, and money.

STRiFE is absolutely clear that this last large piece of Green Belt land between St  Albans and London must be protected at all costs.  St Albans District Council has retained the land as Green Belt in their latest District Plan and therefore also consider it a necessity, too.

Whilst we acknowledge the support of our local MPs and Prospective Parliamentary Candidates, and thank them for this, we would urge everyone to use this Election period to stress to them the importance and relevance of this particular local issue.

We would also like to ask you to put real pressure on your County Councillors at this stage, (particularly those up for election), as realistically this is where the decision may next be made.

As STRiFE had already submitted a similar petition in 2013, we thank the latest petitioner for entering it on the Hertfordshire County Council website, urging HCC not to sell the land to Helioslough and would encourage people to sign up to this and spread the word accordingly.

Please sign it now!


This should place more pressure on our elected members to do the best for us as their electorate.  Otherwise, what is democracy all about?

STRiFE would like to thank all the support that have supported us, particularly financially, and assure all our supporters that we haven’t given up yet, and we will keep going!  We are not at the end yet, by a long way!

  1. 5.STRiFE  update 09 December 2013

At their Cabinet Meeting on 9th December, Herts County Council reached two decisions in respect of the former Radlett Aerodrome site.

Firstly and primarily for legal reasons, they have agreed to become a party to a S106 agreement in respect of the land.

Secondly and more importantly, Councillors rejected their own officers’ recommendations and decided to defer any decision on the sale of the land at this stage.

It was clear from the Council Leader, Robert Gordon, that the Council are opposed to this development and that they have listened carefully to the wishes and opinions expressed by residents. We commend Cllr Gordon for the forthright position he and his colleagues have taken.

Cllr Gordon stated that no decision on the sale of the land would be made until such time as Eric Pickles MP, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has come to a firm decision in respect of the planning application. Cllr Gordon added that any decision must take account of the recent material changes in circumstances including the emergence of the London Gateway container port and developments at alternative locations in the region.

In a clear indication of their opposition to the development, Cllr Gordon also suggested that the Council is prepared to consider alternative uses for the land, uses that would allow the Council to discharge its fiduciary duties whilst at the same time taking account of public opinion.

On the 29th March this year, the very day our 10,000 signature petition was debated at County Hall, Eric Pickles wrote an article in the Daily Telegraph stating his belief that local councils and residents should decided what developments should and should not be allowed in their area. The article can be viewed at:


We now urge supporters to write to Mr Pickles and remind him of his words earlier this year and of the clear and united opposition to this development as shown by residents and politicians across all parties at local, county and national level.

The clear message to Mr Pickles – act in accordance with your words – otherwise your words will be seen as meaningless.

Finally, our sincere thanks to everyone who attended County Hall on the 9th December. Your support, as always, is invaluable.


  1. 6.STRiFE Press Release 04.12.13

STRiFE would like to urge as many supporters as possible to attend the Cabinet Panel meeting which commences at 10am on Monday 9th December 2013.  It will be held in the main Chamber, with additional rooms available via an audio link, if necessary.

Please meet on the main steps at the front of County Hall at 9.30 for a protest to let the County Councillors know that we are still absolutely determined to keep fighting the monstrous proposal of a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett Aerodrome, south of St Albans.

STRiFE, along with Anne Main MP, St Albans District Council, St Stephens Parish Council and Helioslough will all be presenting their case to the Cabinet, prior to them making their decision on whether to sell the land or not.

Thank you for your continued support through this long, nearly 8 year battle.  Its not over yet!

  1. 7.PRESS RELEASE  27.11.13


The people of Hertfordshire are about to be sold out, by their own County Council.  It is being recommended that the County Council sell the land on the former Radlett Aerodrome to the developer Helioslough so they can build a monstrous Strategic Rail Freight Terminal.  This is subject to the Secretary of State granting planning permission, but this is really now a matter of rubber stamping.

After nearly 8 years of battling, against this horrendous proposal that will mean the destruction of 140 hectares of Green Belt land, STRiFE consider that this decision is utterly spineless by the County Council. 

This has been the biggest, most opposed proposition in Hertfordshire in recent history, with the first petition ever to reach over 10,000 to be presented to the County Council.  There can be absolutely no question over the strength of local feeling opposing this catastrophic scheme.  It will bring the roads of South West Hertfordshire to gridlock, even more chaos for commuters on the railways, all amongst the fatal air pollution of this massive scheme.

Through all of these years of campaigning, there has always been unanimous political opposition to this proposal that will see the ruination of St Albans’ tourist trade, and the chaos of a road to road freight terminal.  Only a change of heart by the Secretary of State, can prevent this devastating planning proposal now, going ahead.

STRiFE will be at the Cabinet meeting where this proposal will be heard on Monday 9th December, at 10 am, at County Hall, Hertford.  Please come and show your opposition to this devastating proposal to our area.

For further details see:


  1. 8.STRiFE - PRESS RELEASE 25.11.13

     D- Day on Radlett Aerodrome!

  1. Decision Day has come – it’s Monday 9th December 2013 at Hertfordshire County Hall, Hertford, at 10 am.



  4. This is when Herts County Council Cabinet Committee will meet to make a decision on whether to sell or lease the land, to the developer Helioslough, for the development of a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) on Green Belt land, on the former Radlett Aerodrome site between the villages of Park Street, London Colney, Radlett, and the city of St Albans. Part of this land is owned by Herts County Council, who are now being forced into making a decision on whether to sell or lease it, to the developer. 

  5. The development is for 5 massive warehouses, one of which would be bigger than Terminal 5 – and rail connection to the Midland Main Line.  The detrimental effects of this on not just our local area, but the whole of South West Hertfordshire would be nothing short of catastrophic.

  6. The impact on the A414 and the local road network of an additional 3000 HGVs every 24 hours, would be gridlock; the impact of the works on the train line (MML) would be severely detrimental to all the commuters that struggle daily now; the loss of the biggest piece of Green Belt land between St Albans and London – would be gone forever;

  7. Herts County Council decision will then be submitted to Department for Communities and Local Government.  Mr Eric Pickles is the Secretary of State who will then make the final decision. This has been a nearly 8 year long, battle to preserve a particularly important piece of Green Belt land. It was intended to be for the “use and enjoyment of the local community,” after it was restored to Green Belt status, having been used for the extraction of aggregates.

  8. STRiFE ask that if you can please make this one last BIG effort to make sure that Herts CC and, the Secretary of State gets the message, clearly, once and for all, that THIS LOCAL COMMUNITY DOES NOT WANT AN SRFI HERE.

  9. 9.29th January 2013.  Westminster Hall
    Meeting started at 9.29am. Ended at 11.30am.  Private Members’ Debate: “Protection of the Green Belt and Radlett Aerodrome site”– Mrs Anne Main


  1. 10.On Friday 22nd December 2012, Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government, announced that he is minded to approve the planning application for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the site of the former Radlett Aerodrome.

  2. This follows a 6 year campaign that included 2 Public Inquiries and a case in the High Court.

  3. Obviously, this is devastating news for this area of South West Hertfordshire, particularly St Albans, and the villages of London Colney, Park Street and Radlett.  Once the holidays are over, STRiFE will seek legal advice to discuss further options to fighting this monstrous proposal.

  4. The SoS requires the provision of a suitable planning obligation that binds all those with an interest in the site.  Currently all parties with an interest are signatories to an agreement with the exception of Hertfordshire County Council who own the land on which the main terminus and all of the 5 massive warehouses would be built.

  5. STRiFE is going to petition the County Council to maintain their current position and refuse to sell or lease the land for this development.  Please click on the link https://consult.hertsdirect.org/petitions/petition?petition_id=74614 to add your support to this petition before 15 February 2013.

  6. When signing petition please ask all members of your household older     than   18 y.o. to do so: each signature is a unique vote, so the more we get, the higher is the chance of success

  7. STRiFE would like to thank everyone for their continued support, and would like to assure you that if and where at all possible, we will continue to fight this.  This is NOT the end!

  1. 11.15 October 2012 

  2. STRiFE and all relevant parties have been invited by the Secretary of State to give him our opinions on the prospect of a conjoined inquiry with Colnbrook.  This is the response that we have submitted:

  3. “Strife’s position is that we would have preferred a decision to refuse planning permission for the Radlett development on the grounds that Colnbrook could meet the policy requirement whilst causing less harm to the Green Belt. However, given that a refusal of planning permission does not appear to be immediately forthcoming, we consider the proposal to reopen the Radlett Inquiry in conjunction with the Colnbrook Inquiry to be a pragmatic way forward.

  4. Strife intends to be an active participant in the forthcoming process. We do, however, have serious concerns as to the financial impact of a reopening of the Radlett Inquiry, not only for Strife but also for residents and other opposition groups.  If, therefore, the Radlett Inquiry is reopened and conjoined with the planned Colnbrook Inquiry, we ask that this issue be given consideration in terms of location and  timetabling.”

  5. We understand that both Helioslough and Goodmans are against the prospect of a conjoined inquiry and have submitted their opinions to the Secretary of State as such.  We now wait to hear once again, and will obviously keep you updated accordingly.

  6. 12.30 August 2012 Another delay on the result - we now have no date or even a suggestion of a date for the decision.  We will obviously inform you of any updates as they happen.

  7. 13.09 July 2012: The Secretary of State for DCLG, Mr Eric Pickles, has advised STRiFE that the decision date has been postponed (again) and that now it will not be before 13 July, and no set date has been fixed.  No reason has been given for this postponement, and so the wait goes on.  Obviously, as soon as we hear anything more, we will advise you accordingly.

  8. 14.10 April 2012: STRiFE were shocked and outraged by the recent revelations that a consultant working on behalf of Helioslough had met with the Transport Minister and later submitted a document highlighting economic benefits of a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) on the site of the former Radlett Aerodrome. These revelations raise two immediate concerns.

  9. Firstly, this lobbying was undertaken at the same time as the SRFI planning appeal was being re-determined by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. It was clear from the outset that the Secretary of State would involve all Rule 6 parties in the re-determination process by inviting written representations on specific matters relevant to the appeal. This was to be an open and transparent process whereby all comments would be shared to all parties with the opportunity for further comment. This process finally concluded in December 2011.

  10. It is now clear that whilst participating in this open and transparent process, Helioslough also undertook a lobbying campaign, a campaign which included an additional document and all without the knowledge of the other Rule 6 parties.

  11. Secondly, these lobbying actions also preceded a joint statement published in November 2011 by the Transport and Communities Ministers concerning SRFIs.  This statement highlighted a perceived demand for SRFI, especially in the South East, and stated that the Government would ‘unblock’ their development.

  12. More latterly in their planning appeal, Helioslough repeatedly promoted the view that there was a high and unsatisfied demand for SRFI in the South East and that such terminals would be drivers for economic growth. STRiFE have consistently countered the validity of these statements with the fact that it is now 5 years since approval was granted for a SRFI at Howbury Park in SE London yet to date not a spade has been turned. So where is the demand ?

  13. As yet we do not know the details of the lobbying that has taken place nor do we know whether it has had any marked effect. However, we do consider the lobbying to be totally unacceptable behaviour that flies in the face of natural justice.

  14. At the same time as the news of this lobbying was emerging, it was announced that the decision on the appeal re-determination was being moved back from 5th April 2012 until 13th June 2012.

  15. 15.STRiFE legal advisers have since written to the Department for Communities and Local Government seeking details of all meetings between Helioslough or their representatives with government ministers and their advisers together with copies of all written communications that have been passed.

  16. 16.STRiFE  10.02.2012    The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Mr Eric Pickles, has informed us that he will make a decision on the Appeal for an SRFI on the former Radlett Aerodrome, near St Albans, on 5th April 2012. STRiFE hopes that the decision will be the right decision and that we will have fought off this monstrous proposal on Green Belt land in our vicinity, once and for all.

  17. 17.STRiFE Press Release 05.12.2011
    The joint statement published by the Department for Transport (DfT) on 29th November 2011 indicates possible changes in legislation in so far as major infrastructure projects are concerned, however nothing has been announced that alters the current situation regarding the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange proposal near St Albans.

    Pending the publication of the DfT’s consultation document on the National Networks National Policy Statement, an interim statement has also been published on current Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) policy. Whereas this is shorter and more concise, it does not in our opinion differ fundamentally from the SRFI policy document published by the Strategic Rail Authority in 2004.
    STRiFE are seeking legal advice on the invitation by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (Mr Pickles) to submit further representations on the DfT document and will make these public in due course. For up to date information please see our website www.strife.biz and we thank everyone for their continued support.

  18. 18.STRiFE PRESS RELEASE 31.10.2011 STRiFE is considering the next step in the ongoing legal process of the Appeal by Helioslough against the Secretary of States decision in 2010, and furthermore after the High Court Judgement in July 2011.
    STRiFE put in a submission in response to the Secretary of State's letter inviting all Parties to submit any new and additional information for his perusal in his consideration of the Decision 2010, on the proposed Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett Aerodrome. We agreed with St Albans District Council, in their decision, not to ask for the Inquiry to be reopened. We came to this conclusion primarily for the reason of costs, and bearing in mind that we consider, after legal advice that, this may not (unfortunately) be the end of the matter, and STRiFE think that we may need to further our case and therefore utilise our funds even more.
    Here you can fine STRiFE’s CON001-Letter to Client re- submission to the secretary of state oct 2011.pdf.   We would like to assure all our supporters and everyone in St Albans and all the surrounding villages that we are still working very hard to try and protect this area of South West Hertfordshire from the horrendous consequences of this monstrous proposal.
    We would like to thank everyone for their continued support!

  19. 19.STRiFE PRESS RELEASE 14.06.2011 STRiFE would like to remind all of our supporters, that the High Court proceedings between Helioslough Ltd and The Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities, St Albans District Council, Goodmans plc and STRiFE commences on 28th June, for 2 and ½ days.
    There is a Public Gallery, and the Public are welcome to watch the proceedings, however, if there are a lot of people wanting to watch, the Court may need to alter which Court is used so as to be able to accommodate everyone. If you intend to visit the Court, please could you email info@strife.biz to let us know asap, and we can advise the Court accordingly.
    We have today submitted our written evidence to the Court, and the other parties, as we have decided to conserve our funding, and STRiFE will not have our Barrister appear at these proceedings.
    We will put our evidence on our website, very shortly, and the other Parties’ as soon as we are legally allowed.
    Many thanks to everyone for their continued support, and we can assure you all that the STRiFE team are committed to fighting this monstrous proposal, as long as we need to, to try and protect this very important area of Green Belt land once and for all.
    Written submission of Strife in the High Court of Justice.
    Submission of Strife to the high court June 2011.pdf

  20. 20.PRESS RELEASE  18-10-2010
    STRiFE have applied to the High Court to be made a party, which is the legal term for STRiFE to be able to present the Court with evidence against the Appeal by Helioslough. This is likely to be heard in the spring of 2011.
    This appeal is likely to take two days and together with preparation and court costs for our barrister, STRiFE will need £17,000.
    At the moment we have £7000, so we need to raise this further £10,000 to fight to protect the Green belt land and prevent it turning into a sea of warehouses and 3000 extra trucks on the local road network.
    Please send a cheque, however small, to STRiFE Ltd, PO Box 932, St Albans, AL1 9GG or alternatively see our website for the bank details to do a bank transfer, www.strife.biz

  21. 21.The battle is not over yet: on 16 August 2010 HelioSlough have lodged an Appeal to the High Court.  Further information will follow shortly.

  22. 22.We have won again! The Secretary of State has deemed that there is another site better suited to a SRFI, and albeit encouraged the developers at Colnbrook to submit their application as soon as possible.

    We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and hope that the former Radelett Aerodrome site and Green Belt is now and forever preserved!
    please see paragraph 36 bellow
    10-07-07 Final DL Rail Freight Interchange Radlett 2109433.pdf

  23. 23.The  Secretary of State has given a notice that the decision will be issued on or before 8 July 2010 (instead of previously communicated 23d June).  Secretary of State notice.pdf

  24. 24.05th Jan 2010. STRiFE have just heard that the Decision on the Inquiry into the Appeal, by the Secretary of State, will be issued on or before 23rd June 2010.We will of course, keep you updated with \any information that we receive. Many thanks for your continued support!

  25. 25.22nd December 2009: STRiFE would like to thank everyone for the enormous amount of support that we have received during the course of the Public Inquiry which concluded on Friday 18th December! Please read complete press release.

  26. 26.23d November 2009:  STRiFE are urging everyone to attend the first day of the Public Inquiry into the Proposal for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett Aerodrome site, south of St Albans.  It will start at 10am at the Council Offices in St Peters Street, St Albans, on Tuesday 24 November 2009.  Please be there to show the Inspector just how much opposition there is to this monstrous development on our Green Belt land.  Please meet outside the Council offices at 9.30 where we will hold a demonstration.
    The Council, Helioslough and STRiFE will be issuing our Opening Statements in the morning, and this will be webcast.  It is a PUBLIC Inquiry, and the public are allowed to attend throughout the 4 weeks, held Tuesday to Friday 10 – 5.  Please do come along on Tuesday and at any time and show your support to STRiFE.

  27. 27.STRiFE has submitted its Proof of Evidence to Planning Inspectorate on 28 October 2009.

  28. 28.Opposite to the initially distributed information the Pre Inquiry Meeting on 8 October 2009 is NOT public.  Apologies for the confusion.

  29. 29.If you wish to pass your objections to this monstrous proposal you should submit them by 30 September 2009 the latest and quote reference APP/B1930/A/09/2109433/NWF  

  30. 30.Lary Heyman, Integration and Partnership Manager at First Capital connect is coming to speak to the Civic Society on the subject "The Thameslink Programme and the Threat from the proposed Rail Freight Interchange"   The venue is Cross Street Centre (upstairs room) next to the Dagnal Street Baptist Church in St Albans on Wednesday 23 September 2009 at 8pm.  Please come to find out more facts about the impact of the Interchange on First Capital Connect and share your views!

  31. 31.11 Sept 2009 following decision of Secretary of State SADC has scheduled a Pre Inquiry Meeting on 8th October at 10am.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss matters including the inquiry start date, inquiry duration and the periods for submission of evidence. 

  32. 32.10 Sept 2009 In exercise of its powers the Secretary of State has directed that they shall determine the appeal. That means that instead of writing a decision, the Inspector appointed by Secretary of State, will prepare a report. The Planning Inspectorate has proposed 24 November as a starting date for the Public Inquiry into the scheme. It is scheduled to sit for 16 days. Helioslough are trying to rush this appeal through because they are worried that a potential change in Government next year would lead to a change in policy.  We believe this is too important an issue to be rushed through and all pertinent evidence must be taken into account. 

  33. 33.15 Aug 2009 following the 20 July meeting Helioslough refused to accept the decision of the Council and the wishes of local people. Their spokesperson, Simon Hoare, has confirmed that the developer will appeal against the decision.

  34. 34.20 July 2009: The second planning application for the development of a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI), submitted to the Council by Helioslough Ltd, was considered by the Planning Referrals Committee, at the Alban Arena in St Albans on Monday 20th July 2009 at 7pm. At the meeting the estimated 350 people who came to the Alban Arena, and the 100 plus who watched the committee on the internet, heard that the Committee refused the application for fourteen reasons, which have been summarised below – the full version is available on the report on the website – see link of full tex:Full Text of RAgenda Reports Pack (Public) 20:07:2009, 19:00_full text.pdf
    A mini demo was held outside the Alban Arena from 6.30pm.  Thank you very much all supporters for your letters of objection and participation!  Thank you very much Herts Advertiser for great coverage of the campaign.

  35. 35.Hertsmere Borough Council held a meeting of their Planning Referrals Committee dealing with the proposed railfreight terminal on Wednesday 15th July.  It was determined that Hertsmere would write to St Albans District Council with various objections to the scheme in time for SADC to consider before their ultimate determination of the proposal due on Monday 20th July (see above).  Hertsmere also undertook to assist SADC in any subsequent appeal should there be one.

  36. 36.STRiFE held a demo on Saturday 11th July outside the Alban Arena in St Albans.  Speaking at this were STRiFE Campaign Co-ordinator, Cathy Bolshaw, together with Sandy Walkington, Roma Mills and Anne Main MP.  Up to 300 people turned out to support our campaign and we have since received good coverage in the Herts Advertiser.  Many thanks to all who turned out.

  37. 37.05 June 2009: Downing Street 10 on-line petition has been set up, please join http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/StopRailFreight (now deactivated - comment of 28 April 2012)

  38. 38.The meeting on 29.05.2009 has proved to be a real success - more than 40 people turned up including representatives of main political parties.

  39. 39. 29.05.2009. The Herts Ad want to do a photo of some supporters on Tuesday 2nd June, at 3pm. Meet at the entrance to the site on the A414, on the slip road where the lorries park up, just before Hedges Farm.  Please come and join!

  1. NOW IS THE TIME TO WRITE! Don’t Delay! Write today! (until Wednesday June 17 2009)
     STRiFE understands that St Albans District Council has now registered a new application for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange, on the former Radlett Aerodrome, just south of St Albans.  The developer, HelioSlough, submitted another application just before Easter, even though the previous one was rejected by the Secretary of State last year.
    We need everyone to write to the Council with their objections against this monstrous industrial development on our Green Belt land.  Objections can include things like loss of Green Belt land, traffic, noise, air and light pollution and the lack of a local workforce.  Please try and make it personal to how it would affect you e.g. taking children to school, going shopping or getting to work.
    You MUST quote the planning application number which is 5/2009/0708 in all correspondence for it to be counted.
    Please send your letters to:
    The Planning Dept,
    St Albans District Council
    Civic Centre
    St Peters Street
    St Albans,  AL1 3JE
    Please also send a copy of your letter to Anne Main MP, at House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA.
    If you live in Radlett, or in the Hertsmere Borough, please send a letter to:
    The Planning Dept,
    Civic Offices, Elstree Way
    Herts, WD6 1WA
    Please also send a copy of your letter to your MP, James Clappison MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A OAA
    Letters need to be sent in to the Council within the next 6 weeks, i.e. the end of June to be counted. 
    Don’t Delay! Write today!
    As a way of counting our voices please send a quick email to web@strife.biz with a subject: "objection sent to St Albans" or "objection sent to Borehamwood

  2. 41.UPDATE 17.05.09 -  SADC has accepted the application http://www.stalbans.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/planning/planning-applications/planning-applications-search.aspx  application number 5/2009/0708
    St Albans District Council has decided to accept for consideration the application for a proposed Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the former Radlett Aerodrome site, just south of St Albans. The developer, HelioSlough, submitted yet another application just before Easter, having had their first one rejected last year, by the Secretary of State.
    This does not mean that the Council have decided to grant planning consent but it is the first stage in the determination process. The next stage is for the Council formally to register the application, when it will be given a planning reference number.
    As soon as this has been done, we will need EVERYONE to write in with their objections to the scheme. We will let you know the reference number and the addresses to write to. You can also do this by email.
    Reasons for objecting to this massive warehousing development can include traffic, loss of Green Belt, noise, air, and light pollution and the lack of a local workforce as well as anything else that you consider personal to how it would affect you e.g. taking children to school, shopping or getting to work, etc.
    Everyone who travels anywhere, south of St Albans WILL be affected by this;
    Everyone who travels, or works in the centre of St Albans WILL be affected by this;
    Everyone who travels within a 10 mile radius of the site, WILL be affected by this.
    STRiFE will be speaking at the Chiswell Green Residents Association AGM tomorrow - Monday 18th May at the United Reformed Church, Watford Road, Chiswell Green at 8pm.

    05 May 2009. HelioSlough have submitted a new application for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange on the Former Radlett Aerodrome site, to St Albans District Council, just before Easter. As STRiFE have pointed out before, the Council have a legal option to refuse to accept a planning application if it is "substantially the same" as one that has been refused at appeal, if the new application is re-submitted within 2 years. It appears that this may be the case, and therefore the Council are looking at their various legal options right now. We await their decision, which we should know within the next couple of weeks.
    STRiFE will then decide what action to take on the basis of the Council’s decision. We thank the public for their continued support against this proposed monstrous development on our Green Belt land. Please don't write in to the Council now, as your letter will not be counted. We will let you know when and if you need to write.

     On March 13th and 14th 2009 at The Noke Hotel in Chiswell Green, HelioSlough held their public consultation relating to their proposed planning application for a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) on the site of the former Radlett Aerodrome at Park Street.
     As an applicant for a major development proposal, HelioSlough are obliged to demonstrate to the Local Planning Authority that they have undertaken appropriate public consultation prior to submitting their planning application.
     The consultation itself was well attended by members of the public, though many commented that the location selected was inconvenient and inaccessible by public transport.  STRiFE estimate that in excess of 800 people passed through over the course of the two days.
     What did we learn from this consultation exercise?
     ·                Helioslough were expecting to submit their new application by the end of March.  Here we are at the beginning of April and no application yet.  We suspect it may come the Thursday before Easter.
     ·                The scheme itself is to be physically identical to the previous one in all details – the size of the warehouses, the access arrangements, the rail link, even the so-called “Country Park”.
     ·                The only new item within the application is to be a revised Alternative Sites Assessment (ASA).  This was where the previous application fell down at the Public Inquiry.
     ·                The new ASA is clearly intended to show that the site of the former Radlett Aerodrome is the best available to fulfil the need for a SRFI.
     The next steps we see are:
     ·                Clearly, we await receipt of the planning application itself so we can examine the new ASA and ensure that, as the developer maintained at the consultation, nothing else has indeed changed with the scheme.
     ·                The Local Planning Authority, depending upon the exact nature of the application, may choose to apply part of planning legislation that would allow them to refuse to register this new application.  Such a move would most likely be challenged by the developer and its validity would be determined in court.  If the court were to uphold the Local Planning Authority’s position, then no new application for such a scheme would be allowed until October 2010, being 2 years following the initial refusal by the Secretary of State.
     ·                Once the application is registered, there will be a 16 week period until the Local Planning Authority must determine the application, either granting or refusing consent for the scheme.
     ·                If the latter, then it is likely that the developer will seek a further appeal and ultimately a further Public Inquiry will follow.
     As and when the planning application is submitted, we will be in touch once more.
     Clearly, STRiFE now have to redouble their efforts and we will be working hard on lobbying, PR and building our new case against the latest application.  It may be that this next battle is to be fought over quite narrow and technical grounds.  In this case, although it enables us to be more focused, it places greater need on the requirement for further professional assistance.  For this, we obviously rely entirely on financial support from within the local community so please do help as much you can and do tell those who think that this proposal had disappeared that it is back.
     Unsurprisingly, the latest publicity for the scheme has seen a resurgence of support for STRiFE.  As ever, we are indebted to our supporters who provide us with the encouragement and financial wherewithal to continue with our campaign.
     Many thanks for your continued support.

  5. 44.February 2009: Developer announces formal Public Consultation in advance of new application
    The threat of a massive industrial warehousing complex in our neighbourhood is returning.
    Despite the refusal of the Developer's appeal by the Secretary of State last October, we have been informed that Helioslough is now set shortly to resubmit a fresh planning application to St Albans District Council.
    In support of their forthcoming application, the Developer is obliged to hold a public consultation. They have scheduled this consultation for:
    11am – 7pm Friday 13th March
    10am – 4pm Saturday 14th March
    The Mountbatten Suite
    The Noke Hotel
    Watford Road
    Chiswell Green
    AL2 3DS

    We at STRiFE need EVERYONE to go along to demonstrate that local feeling against this monstrous proposal, far from diminishing, is as strong as ever.  

    STRiFE is working hard again to ensure that this scandalous proposal in our vicinity is seen off for good. But to do this, we need your further help and support:    Please, if you have expertise in the environmental or planning matters or in the logistics industry and are able to help us with your knowledge and/or are prepared to hand out leaflets as a road agent, then do get in touch.   We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you and as many of your friends and neighbours as possible get at the Public Consultation.

    Please keep visiting this site for further updates.

  6. 45.November 2008

    Helioslough, the developer behind the Strategic Railfreight proposals on the former Radlett Aerodrome, has recently stated its intention to submit a fresh outline planning application. We imagine that this will be for a development of a similar nature, size and scale as the last proposal. Helioslough envisage this new application being submitted to St Albans District Council in early 2009.

    You may well wonder how this can happen so soon after their earlier proposal was rejected by the Secretary of State. While it was indeed rejected, the grounds for this decision were narrowed down to the failure of the developer to demonstrate that there were no other better alternative sites where a SRFI could be developed. Helioslough are therefore going to undertake a fresh alternative site study and try their luck once more.

    You will no doubt be as dismayed at this turn of events as we are at STRiFE. You can be assured that we are already on the case and working to develop our strategy against this fresh application so we can be ready for it as and when it is submitted. We are of course hopeful that this second application can be defeated as was the first. To do this will require the continued support from the local. We were delighted with the support received last year which enabled us to present a strong case at the Public Inquiry which ultimately produced a seemingly successful outcome when the appeal by the developer was rejected.

    Unfortunately, the developer is proving nothing but persistent so we regret that we find ourselves once again calling for yet more support.

    This can come in the form of help with delivering leaflets, doing research (email us at info@strife.biz or call our Campaign Co-ordinator, Cathy Bolshaw on 07710 327969) or indeed cash donations (see Funding).

    It would be easy to become disheartened at this news but we remain convinced that this proposal CAN yet be fought off once and for all.

    As ever, many thanks for your continued interest and support.


  7. 46.2nd October 2008:

    The Secretary of State has today finally confirmed the decision on the proposed railfreight terminal at Radlett Aerodrome and STRiFE is delighted to announce that the appeal has been REFUSED.

    This has been a long drawn out campaign for us and we cannot thank our team members and supporters enough for their unstinting efforts (and donations) to see this scheme off.

  8. 47.January 2008: waiting
    The seven week long Planning Inspectorate inquiry into the Radlett railfreight proposal finished in December. The final decision by the Government is expected on or before 3rd October 2008 and the expectation is that the Appeal Inspector’s recommendation to the Secretary of State may be as early as March.

    The East of England had accepted the need for one strategic rail freight interchange. Since that decision was taken, the Bexley and Shellhaven developments- two in the East of England- have been approved. Will the Secretary of State bear that in mind when the Planning Inspectorate’s decision comes before her in respect of granting or not granting such a development in Radlett in my constituency? We do not need it accessed from our busy roads. We have more than sufficient capacity, given the two decisions that have been made since the application was made.” – 22nd January 2008

    The Government believes it requires three to four railfreight interchanges around the London area but these two decisions must surely remove any argument by developers for a further site in the East of England Quadrant.

    The Inspector was left in no doubt at the inquiry by STRIFE, the Council, and all of us who oppose the plan, that this is the wrong proposal, in the wrong place, and we expect the Government to listen, and I will keep fighting until a decision is made.

  9. 48.20 December 2007 The Rail Freight Planning inquiry comes to a close

    The Rail Freight planning inquiry to consider the appeal by HelioSlough, against the refusal by the District Council’s Planning Referrals Committee of their planning application for a Rail Freight Terminal in February 2007, ended on Thursday 20 December 2007.

    There was a webcast covering the last two days of the inquiry and Wednesday’s webcast was watched live on 31 PCs, with 45 viewings of the archived webcast. Thursday’s webcast was watched live on 55 PCs.

    The webcast of the inquiry for 6th November was viewed live on 276 PCs and the archived webcast has since been viewed 415 times, totalling 691 viewings. The webcast for 7th November was viewed live on 149 PCs and the archived webcast has since been viewed by 126 PCs, totalling 275 viewings.

    The council chamber was full when Strife made their closing address on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th December.

    These webcasts can be viewed live from the comfort of your home, by going to www.stalbans.ukcouncil.net/site. There is an online help and FAQ page if you experience problems with the webcast: www.stalbans.ukcouncil.net/site/help.php.
    They will remain in the archives for six months after the inquiry has ended.

    There is also a Rail Freight link from the home page of the council’s website www.stalbans.gov.uk, which will have related information.

    After completion of the inquiry the Planning Inspector will send a report with his recommendation to the Secretary of State who will make the final decision. Anyone wanting a copy of the decision on the appeal should request this by writing to the Planning Inspector at the:-

    Planning Inspectorate, Room 4/04 Kite, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay. Bristol BS1 6PN
    Quote reference: APP/B1930//07/2045747/NWF

  10. 49.21st November Rail freight Inquiry Draws To A Close  

    Last week saw the closing statements of all the key parties, namely First Capital Connect, STRiFE, St Albans District Council and developer, Helioslough being presented to the Inquiry. We have been told that these statements are to be put on the SADC webcast at http://www.stalbans.ukcouncil.net/site/player/pl_compact.php?a=10778&t=0&m=wm&l=en_GB but this may not now be until after the Christams break.
    All three of the objecting parties put forward strong and compelling reasons for the appeal to be dismissed while, in our eyes at least, the developer failed to put forward any material case to the contrary.

    This now concludes the public part of the Inquiry with only a few small matters of administration to be tied up in early January. The Inspector will then compile his report to the Secretary of State who will ultimately decide which way the appeal will go. We at STRiFE have been delighted with the way the Inquiry has gone and feel that we were able to make a real impact with the Inspector in terms of putting across the strength and depth of local feeling against this monstrous proposal.
    It only remains for us to thank ALL who have helped us in our efforts, either financially or in giving up their time. I would personally like to thank those individuals who put themselves forward to present evidence to the Inquiry on STRiFE's behalf and endured at some points quite aggressive cross examination from the developer's legal team. None had had any experience of this before and without exception, all came through with great aplomb.
    We now have to endure a painful wait until the Secretary of State's decision is announced, currently expected in early summer, when of course we will let you know the outcome.

    Thank you all and Happy Christmas.

  11. 50.19th December. All final closing statements from Wednesday 2pm and all day Thursday will be webcast. please follow the link http://www.stalbans.ukcouncil.net/site/

  12. 51.15 December 2007

    After more than six weeks of hearing of evidence and cross examination, the Inquiry into the proposed railfreight interchange on the site of the former Radlett Aerodrome is now drawing to a close. Next week will see some of the final witnesses appearing on behalf of the developer, Helioslough, followed by their cross examination. This will then be shortly followed by the closing statements. This is the opportunity for the parties to the Inquiry (Helioslough, St Albans District Council, First Capital Connect and STRiFE) to draw together all the various strands of evidence and cross examination heard through the course of the last few weeks into a final cohesive and persuasive statement to the Inspector.

    We at STRiFE have been delighted to date with the performance of our barrister, Paul Stinchcombe, but are sure that he will have saved the best until last. Paul has advised us that the strength of argument contained in the Closing Statement can be very material to the Inspector's ultimate decision as to whether to recommend grant or refusal of planning consent. We of course remain firmly optimistic that enough has been said by the objecting parties through the course of the Inquiry to win over the Inspector to our way of thinking. However, we still dare not let the small successes to date go to our heads. We feel it would give a tremendous boost at this final hurdle if as many local people as possible could turn up at the Inquiry to hear STRiFE's closing statement. STRiFE is only too aware of how many feel strongly about this but we want to ensure that we leave the Inspector in no doubt that the local populace is passionate about protecting this Green Belt site, avoiding the violation of the historic City of St Albans and seeing this monstrous scheme off once and for all.

    As the programme sits just now, STRiFE's closing statement is due to be heard on WEDNESDAY 19TH DECEMBER in the afternoon. First Capital Connect are due on first at 2pm followed by STRiFE. For those who have not been to any part of the Inquiry to date, it is held in the Council Chamber at the District Council Offices, St Peter's Street, St Albans. Throughout the Inquiry, we have seen many changes of programme, often at quite short notice. If there is any change to the timing of STRiFE's closing statement, we will try to send around a further email and have details on our website at www.strife.biz .

    Finally, thank you to all who have given their generous support to the STRiFE team throughout this campaign, whether in terms of money or time. We have needed lots of both and would have been nowhere without it.


  13. 52.17th November 2007.  "Thanks to our brilliant witnesses today, we made 3 BIG HITS! All three did really well, and made a huge IMPACT with the Inspector, to the extent that the Inspector asked the Appellants barrister to stop questioning, twice! This just showed that we were well informed, and produced our evidence well, and our witnesses were, without question, brilliant under cross examination. Our barrister Paul Stinchcombe, who is excellent is returning tomorrow for our "strategic rail" evidence," which will again be very interesting. Paul was extremely happy , how today went ."  If you have already donated to STRiFE, you have our deepest thanks. If you have previously wavered over it, we implore you to act now to help preserve this Green Belt site and avoid the catastrophic impact this development would bring with it.         Our bank account details are as follows: Account Name - Strife Limited - Account No. 22031051 Bank & Branch - HSBC, 31 Chequers Street, St. Albans Sort Code 40-40-01 alternatively please click on Sponsorship page

  14. 53. Public Inquiry into the appeal by the developers, Helioslough, will open at 10:00 am on  Tuesday  6 November 2007 in the Council Chamber, District Council Offices, St Albans.  The inquiry is scheduled to last for 32 days.  follow the link to check St Albans District Council latest news    The Planning Inquiry will commence at 10.00 am on Tuesday 6 November 2007 at the Disctrict Council Offices, St Peter's Street, St Albans. The Inquiry will also be webcast to the Committee Rooms in the Council Offices and the Baptist Church in Upper Dagnall Street on the opening two days.
     Almost a year ago the Council rejected the developer’s application but they have decided to appeal the Council’s decision. Therefore, the appeal will now be heard by Planning Inspectorate who has the power to overturn the original decision by the Council and grant planning permission for this would-be blight on St Albans.
    St Albans remains united in its opposition to this huge terminal and STRIFE urges all local residents to attend the public meetings that will be held over the 32 days of the inquiry.  Please read regularly information updates on this site and participate in actions. 
    Every fighter counts!

  15. 54.Please sign the petition on Government site: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/STRIFE/

  16. 55.October 4th ITV documentary  On Thursday 4th October, STRiFE was invited to assist in the making of an ITV documentary ( to be viewed in November sometime, we think - to be confirmed) about local democracy and is it working?  They were exploring the view that local people such as us and our local council have voted against a proposal for inappropriate development on the Green Belt, and yet, when the developers lodge an Appeal, we - the local Council have to pay for a Public Inquiry.  Then, even though the Inspector could recommend refusal, the Secretary of State could overturn this. Kevin Fitzgerald from the CPRE was also interviewed.
    STRiFE organised a demo where between 50-60 people attended on the entrance to the former Radlett aerodrome site on the A414, and invited the local press to attend too.  Thank you to all who attended this, it was a great turnout.   The TV crew then filmed the airfield site, and the views to St Albans Abbey along with the grazing sheep and horses, that would all be lost if this monstrous development were to be allowed.  Along with this they also filmed views over the open space that the former Airfield generates and the footpaths and bridleways that would be lost forever.

  17. 56.19 July 2007 at 8pm Public Meeting in Radlett. 
    At the Radlett United Synagogue, 22 Watling Street, Radlett (the former Village Hall).  The possibility of the Radlett Rail Freight Interchange is BIGGER than ever! Helioslough Ltd have lodged an Appeal to the Secretary of State, and a Public Inquiry will be held at the end of the year.

  18. 57.20th of June 2007. Please see BBC London news broadcast 6pm


  1. 58.16 June 2007 Public Meeting at Alban Arena.  More than 200 local residents and borough council members gathered to demonstrate their support to share ideas. Attendees included: Anne Main (MP), Sandy Walkington (SADC), Rloma Mills (SADC), James Clappison (SADC), Robert Donald (SADC). 
    Please see pictures 
     St Albans Review
    The developers have now lodged their appeal so, as STRiFE expected, we are now moving towards a Public Inquiry.

  2. 59.10th June 2007 Half-Maraphone in support of STRIF: Patricia Pryce ran in the St. Albans Half-Marathon.  The proceeds went to the British Heart Foundation and STRIFE (with the agreement of the STRIFE Committee).  Thank you very much for your support! 

  3. 60.17 May 2007 appeal lodged by developer.  On 17th May 2007 HelioSlough lodged a formal appeal with the Planning Inspectorate against St Albans District Council's decision to refuse the proposal for a railfreight interchange site.  HelioSlough and the Planning Inspectorate have also confirmed that an appeal is now proceeding. Wee need to get around our banners once more.

  4. 61.19th December 2006. Decision of SADC!  STRiFE welcomes the decision of the Planning Referrals Committee of St Albans City and District Council to refuse Helioslough’s application to build a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange (SRFI) on the Former Radlett Aerodrome immediately to the South of the city!  Congratulations!  The STRiFE Team would like to thank everyone who turned up at the Alban Arena last night to hear the Planning Referrals Committee come to their decision. It was a fine example of local democracy in action and a clear signal that people are becoming increasingly concerned about the threats to our City and its environs. However, this is only the first skirmish in a longer battle. Going into the future we hope to retain the support of all those who have encouraged and assisted us over the past eight months. Have a look at the complete report.(was deleted from the web since then -comment of 28 Apr 2012)

  5. 62.Saturday Market Stall at St Albans Market on Saturday 17th December06. It proved to be a success with 860 signatures added to our ever expanding list.  Thank you very much to all participants, supporters and organisers!

  6. 63.Demo in St Albans on 23rd December proved very successful.  Business cards have been handed out along with approx 200 balloons which looked great with kids wandering through the town centre. White balloons with "Rudolph not Rail Freight Terminal!" in red and our website! More signatures on the petition too.                   

  7. 64.13 December 2006.  Highways Agency have reported back to SADC (St Albans District Council) recommending refusal!

  8. 65.STRiFE Christmas Social.  Open meeting for all who concerned about STRIFE took place on Monday 11th December, 8-11pm, Greenwood Park Leisure Centre, Tippendell Lane, Chiswell Green. Lots of people were able to meet one another, and we raised £235 + £200 in donations.

  9. 66.10th December 2006 Fundraising in Farmers' Market, St Albans This was very successful, spreading the word, we distributed about 750 leaflets and got about 750 signatures on the petition, and £101 was collected towards the cause!


    At the meeting at St Albans District Council held on 1st November 2006 The Planning Referral Committee voted unanimously to accept their officers recommendation “that the committee should indicate that at the present time they are minded to refuse the application and that a further report be considered once the views of the Highway Agency are received”
    The Highway Agency have stopped St Albans District Council making a decision on this application. They require further information from Helioslogh regarding the impact on the local motorway intersections of the traffic generated by the rail freight Interchange. The Highway Agency are expected to complete their assessment by December 31st. On a more positive note, the committee have endorsed the 14 objections to the Helioslough application outlined by the officers.
    Thanks everyone for lots of support this evening! Apart form 200 people in the council chambers, we had an outflow of 300 to a church 2 miles away that had been organised by the council. Then 250 were turned away at the door, but demanded to sign a petition, which was brought into and presented to the planning committee. So 700 supporters plus 50 meeting attendees. Also 500 were clocked as watching on the webcast, so 1200 in all!!

  11. 68.30 October 2006.  The London Colney parish council has submitted the objection to the planning proposal thus changing its view as previously they were in favour of the application. submission of London Colney 20 Oct 2006.pdf

  12. 69.The EERA - East of England Regional Assembly has recommended St Albans District Council to refuse the application.

  13. 70.The East of England Development Authority has recommended St Albans District Council to refuse the application.

  14. 71.Campaign to Protect Rural England - The Hertfordshire Society has joined the struggle against the Helioslough project.

  15. 72.A Parliamentary debate was held on 17 October 2006 in The House of Commons entitled "Development at the Former Aerodrome Site (Radlett)" where several constituencies came along joined by representatives of STRIFE and led by Anne Main local resident and MP.  The full transcript of the debates Parliamentary debates 2006.pdf

  16. 73.Hetrs County Council meeting on 17 October 2006.

  17. 74.A Development Control Meeting between Committee of Hertsmere Borough Council, Helioslough, STRIFE and local residents took place on 11 October 2006.  At the end of the meeting,  Hertsmere Borough Council has unanimously recommended to St Albans District Council refusal of application of Helioslough. 

  18. 75.Hertsmere Borough Council is undertaking a consultative exercise on the proposal. 

  19. 76.The Demo held on Saturday 7th October near Civic Offices in St Albans was a great success attracting attention not only of the officials but also of local businesses and other interest groups.


  1. 77.The Planning Application application was submitted on 27th July 2006.  It's number is 5/2006/1680.  If you want to object immediately please click here. You will be transferred to the planning application page of St Albans District Council.  Please enter the application number above into the field provided and click "Search".  The next page opened will allow you to view the application itself and to comment on it.             IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU LEAVE YOUR COMMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, please click on "You may send a comment on this application" button and leave you feedback to planning officers.

  2. 78. Join the STRIFE campaign while it is not yet too late.

  3. 79.St Albans District Council have received over 1000 letters by 09.09.06 (latest count requested) but we still need more, many more, so if you haven't yet written, please do so NOW.