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Written submission of Strife in the High Court of Justice.

high court final.pdf



The documents below comprise the Proofs of Evidence submitted by STRiFE to the Planning Inspectorate on Wednesday 28th October 2009. These have formed the basis of our formal case at the forthcoming Planning Inquiry.

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Assessment of whether the project constitutes a Strategic Rail Freight

Strategic Rail Freight_ Summary.doc.pdf

Strategic Rail Freight_complete doc.pdf

Strategic Rail Freight_appendices.pdf


Impact on Green Belt

01 - Strife - Green_Belt - Summary.pdf

01 - Strife - Green_Belt - Main.pdf

01 - Strife - Green_Belt - zzAppendices.pdf  be aware this file is 13Mb


Impact on the Rail Operations- First Capital Connect

Impact on the Rail Operations_complete.pdf

Impact on the Rail Operations_appendices.pdf


Report on the Noise Evidence

03 - Strife - Noise - Summary.pdf

03 - Strife - Noise - Main.pdf 


A local Perspective:

Bricket Wood Residents Association


A LOCAL PERSPECTIVE_appendices.pdf


Park Street District Residents Association

Park Street District Residents Association.pdf

Napsbury Park Residents Association

Napsbury Park Residents Association.pdf


Napsbury Lane Residents Association

Napsbury Lane Residents Association.pdf


St Steven Parish Council

St Steven Parish Council.pdf


Link to SADC application (evidence will be published shortly) please enter application number 5/2009/0708: